Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

Webcast: Under the Hoods of Cache Fusion, GES and GRD

On Thursday, 24th, June 2010, 18:00 CEST it will be a webcast about "Under the Hoods of Cache Fusion, GES and GRD" from the RAC SIG.

How does cache fusion actually work? What is the role of Global Enqueue Service and how is it different from Global Cache Services? Well, what's the concept of enqueue in case of RAC? Is locking handled differently in RAC compared to single instance? How is the GRD populated, or mainatained, or worse, what is a Global Resource Directory? Learn answers to all these questions explained through live online deomonstrations. Find out different modes of the locks, how locks are downgraded/upgraded, how instance locks are different from row locks and how they are acquired and released, how cache fusion does not always mean network transfer but causes I/O as well, and much more, all shown via live demos. Mastering these important concepts will not only help you in administering a RAC cluster; but hone your troubleshooting and tuning skills as well.

Presented Arup Nanda, Starwood Hotels, ORACLE ACE Director


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