Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

ORACLE EOUC Telefonkonferenz

Heute fand die ORACLE EOUC Telefonkonferenz der ORACLE EMEA Anwendergruppenvertreter statt. Die DOAG war auch vertreten.

Diese Punkte wurden besprochen:
- Devoxx 4kids. An amazing program to make kids between 11-14 years old enthusiastic about technology and programming (Java/Robotics). The team also won  the Duke’s award at JavaOne few weeks ago.
- Open World debrief
- Update from Oracle marketing:
o Database
o 2 virtual events in the development marketing space
- Miscellaneous
o   Video at Open World - http://medianetwork.oracle.com/video/player/2697618816001
o   Revenue Recognition (list Oracle employees)
o   ACE director requests
o   CAP program: reminder - http://www.oracle.com/oraclecap
o   Posting on oracle.com/events
o   New MySQL certifications
o   Webcast: Linux and DB12c, Oct 30

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