Freitag, 23. Oktober 2020

DOAG 2020 Konferenz + Ausstellung Präsentation: ORACLE Database and the Internet of Things


Präsentation während der DOAG 2020 Konfrerenz + Ausstellung, die von Dienstag, den 17. November 2020 bis Donnerstag, den 19. November 2020 in Nürnberg und Online stattfinden wird:

ORACLE Database and the Internet of Things


In recent years there has been a rapid surge in the adoption of smart devices. Everything from phones and tablets, to smart meters and fitness devices, connect to the Internet and share data. With all of these smart devices comes a huge increase in the frequency and volume of data being ingested into and processed by databases. But what most folks forget is, industries like telecoms and manufacturing have been dealing with these challenges for years with the help of the Oracle Database. This session provides step-by-step instructions on deploy a high-ingest, mission critical IoT workload with the Oracle Database.

Der Vortrag findet am Donnerstag, den 19. November 2020 um 08:00 Uhr Online statt.

Der Referent ist Maria Colgan, Oracle Corporation


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