Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

The Oracle Business Intelligence Forum

Am Mittwoch, dem 15. Dezember 2010 findet um 18:00 Uhr (CET) das virtuelle Live "ORACLE Business Intelligence Forum" statt.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Online Forum is a half-day virtual event that offers you a unique opportunity to see, in one place, the full portfolio of Oracle’s Business Intelligence (BI) offerings, and to learn what sets Oracle apart from the rest. Hear Oracle executives and industry analyst, Howard Dresner, present the current state of Business Intelligence, along with a series of customers who will share their case studies of putting analytics in action.

Whether you are focused on a specific line of business or are an IT professional, this virtual event will give you the tools on how to make Oracle Business Intelligence work for you.

Only Oracle offers pre-built, customizable BI applications with a single metadata model. What does this mean to you? By attending the forum you’ll learn how you can:

* Gain insight into every aspect of your operation, including finance, HR, sales, marketing, service delivery, procurement, operations, and project management
* Take action directly from your unified BI dashboard, adjusting business operations as you go to reach profitability and performance goals

Only Oracle offers a BI solution that’s integrated to work together. Attend the product webcasts and chat with product experts to learn how Oracle’s unified architecture can help you:

* Simplify, standardize, and consolidate your BI platform for easier management and improved performance
* Spend less time stitching together different tools and technologies and more time showing the business value of BI initiatives

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