Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Webcast: Integrator & Outsourcing - Introduction to Oracle Application Management for Managers & Architects

Partner Webcast
Tuesday 29th September 2009, 14:30 UK / 15:30 CET

Background & Rationale
IT services companies are challenged to deliver:

  • against the lowest operating costs
  • a verifiable contribution to customer satisfaction, retention and improved quality of services in Oracle and web application projects.

Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers a unique 'top-down' approach in managing quality, performance and availability of Oracle applications, Web applications and Web Services. This brings a business-centric view on service levels against the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

This informative session introduces managers and architects in System Integration, along with outsourcing vendors, to Oracle's top-down approach in application management. You will learn how a partnership with Oracle Enterprise Manager, brings you and your customers cost savings in application and outsourcing operations.

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