Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

ORACLE Live Webcast: Plug Into Cloud Consolidation with Oracle Database 12c

Heute fand der gute ORACLE Live Webcast zum Thema "Plug Into Cloud Consolidation with Oracle Database 12c" statt.

Die Themen waren:

The Need for Database Consolidation
Database Server Proliferation
Staff Time Wasted on Redundant Activity
Excessive System Resources
Lack of Flexibility for Dev/Test
Cloud Computing Enables DB Consolidation
Key Attributes of Cloud Computing
Resource Flexibility and Management Efficiency
The Issue of Multi-Tenancy
Rethinking Architecture for the Database Cloud
Multitenant Architecture & Capabilities
Upgrading to Multitenant
Use Cases

Die Referenten waren:
Markus Weber, ORACLE Principal Product Marketing Director Oracle Database
Patrick Wheeler, ORACLE Senior Director Oracle Database Product Management
Carl Olofson, IDC Vice President of Research Application Development and Deployment

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