Freitag, 9. März 2018

DOAG 2018 Datenbank Präsentation: ORACLE Database 12c Parallel Execution New Features

Präsentation während der DOAG 2018 Datenbank, die von Montag, den 14. Mai 2018 bis Dienstag, den 15. Mai 2018 in Düsseldorf stattfinden wird:

ORACLE Database 12c – Parallel Execution New Features

Oracle Database 12c introduces a number of new features in the parallel execution area. Specifically, there are changes in the configuration, a new features called Performance Feedback, new data distribution methods, and new optimizations related to serial operations, correlated filters and scalar expressions.
The aim of this presentation is to review the new features from a practical point of view as well as to point out challenges related to them. In other words, to let you know what you can expect from parallel execution when you upgrade to Oracle Database 12c.

Der Vortrag findet am Dienstag, den 15. Mai 2018 um 12:15 Uhr statt.

Der Referent ist Christian Antognini, Trivadis AG, ORACLE ACE Director, OAKTABLE


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