Montag, 13. April 2015

Going Live with Engineered System Exadata Database Machine in 10 days

As we get our Exadata Quarter Rack X3-2 we have to go live with the first databases as soon as possible.

Before we will get the Exadata Database Machine, we, the Paragon Data DBA Team, will develop a detailed plan, what and how is doing, to make it possible to switch the databases from an ORACLE 8 - Node RAC to the ORACLE Exadata 2 - Node RAC, so fast as possible. The decision was that we have an outage window of 24 hours for the migration the first database. So we can use Data Pump Import and Export to do this. The advantage was that we have to change nothing, except the Hardware. We have the some OS (Linux), the same Clusterware Version and the same Database Version. With this frame conditions and the detailed migration plan, we start directly after Hand – Over the Exadata Database Machine with the creation of the first database and imported the data in this. It will help by running the export that the Performance of the Exadata Database Machine is very fast. The data volume was approx.. 3 TB and we need 10 hours for the export and import of that data. After the first data import, our customer will test the new Exadata database working together with the ERP application. After 3 days test, we make the decision that we will going live next available weekend. Also the deletion of the data in new database, the export and the import works fine on this weekend. The migration of the first database was successfull done and on Monday morning all Users will be work with application on the Exadata Database. In the week after this integrate the Exadata Database Machine and the databases into ORACLE Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and we implement the complete operating infrastructure (Backup Rman procedures, Automatic monitoring, clean up jobs, …).

The migration into the ORACLE Exadata Environment was a great success and this depends mainly on three topics:
1.    The good detailed Paragon Data migration plan.
2.    The good ORACCLE Exadata Preconfiguration
3.    The good Exadata Performance

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