Montag, 15. November 2021

DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung Präsentation: A postgres-compatible DB on K8s for microservices: YugabyteDB

Präsentation während der DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung, die von Dienstag, den 16. November 2021 bis Donnerstag, den 18. November 2021 Online stattfinden wird:

A postgres-compatible DB on K8s for microservices: YugabyteDB

NewSQL databases bring powerful SQL and ACID features to the same scalability level as NoSQL datastores. Data is distributed to many active nodes, sharded and replicated, in sync, to the region's data centers for high availability, or geo-distributed to reduce latency for worldwide users. And with operations automated, it is finally possible to bring elasticity to the persistence layer: the database can run on Kubernetes pods, with auto-scaling. You can add or remove nodes and the distributed database manages the repartition of data.

This session explains one of them: YugabyteDB which is fully compatible with PostgreSQL, with the same wire protocol, mostly all SQL and pl/pgSQL features, and the same Open Source license. With a live demo and a whiteboard, we will explain how it was built, re-using the PostgreSQL code on top of a distributed document database. And show which use-cases it addresses: modern applications in microservices where the database must accept multiple APIs, and high availability must be easy. Cloud, Hybrid, or on-premises clusters.

Die Präsentation findet am Mittwoch, den 17. November 2021 um 14:00 Uhr (CET) Online im Raum Istanbul statt. 

Der Referent ist Frank Pachot, Yugabyte, ORACLE ACE Director


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