Sonntag, 7. November 2021

DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung Präsentation: Oracle Database 21c New Features and Product Roadmap

Präsentation während der DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung, die von Dienstag, den 16. November 2021 bis Donnerstag, den 18. November 2021 Online stattfinden wird:

Oracle Database 21c New Features and Product Roadmap

Join Oracle Database Product Management to learn about what's new in the latest version of the Oracle Database and hear about the product roadmap too. The session will cover the latest innovations from Blockchain Tables, Automatic Materialized Views, AutoML, Automatic Database In-Memory and of course the Native JSON datatype, just to name a few. Find out why these features are important, how to use them and why you need to know about them.

The session includes live demonstrations on using many of the new features.

Die Präsentation findet am Mittwoch, den 17. November 2021 um 16:00 Uhr (CET) Online im Raum Istanbul statt. 

Der Referent ist Sean Stacey, ORACLE


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