Dienstag, 9. November 2021

DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung Präsentation: Keep Your Code Low: Getting to Digitally Driven with Oracle Converged Database

Präsentation während der DOAG 2021 Konferenz + Ausstellung, die von Dienstag, den 16. November 2021 bis Donnerstag, den 18. November 2021 Online stattfinden wird:

Keep Your Code Low: Getting to Digitally Driven with Oracle Converged Database

In the brave new digitally-driven world, IT organizations can no longer focus on internal-only RDBMS databases as the central pillar of their infrastructure; data must be accessed externally as well, regardless of format or location, with utmost security. Fortunately, Oracle’s Converged Database strategy makes it simple to satisfy these demands. This session explores the myriad facets of a Converged Database strategy and what it means for your career’s future path, regardless of whether you’re an application developer or DBA.
Session Outline:
Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session illustrates how to:
- Leverage the strategy behind Converged Database to help your IT shop become truly digitally driven
- Access data in any format virtually anywhere with utmost security using Oracle’s EXTERNAL table methodology
- Take advantage of Oracle APEX application features like Web Source Modules and Plug-Ins to build robust applications without deep knowledge of JavaScript

1. Converged Database: Why This, and Why Now?
2. Microservices, APIs, and JavaScript: The Modern Developer’s World
3. Elements and Philosophy of Converged Database
4. Bringing Code to Data, Not the Other Way Around
5. Demonstration: Bringing a Converged Database To Bear On a Business Problem

Die Präsentation findet am Dienstag, den 16. November 2021 um 16:00 Uhr (CET) Online im Raum Shanghai statt. 

Der Referent ist Jim Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing, Inc., ORACLE ACE Director, President ODTUG



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